B7971 Board Set Now Available

I’m very pleased to announce that all parts for the B7971 x8 display project are now available. There is a B7971 x8 board set in the circuitworks store which consists of the assembled and tested display board along with two 4- tube display boards. In addition, a visual construction guide is will step you through the acquisition of all the necessary parts. Construction should take even the casual builder less than 3 hours.

To the more general reader, it should be emphasized that circuitworks does not supply B7971 tubes. This project is really for the established nixie tube hoarder who already has the tubes.  There were tens, if not hundreds of thousands of these tubes manufactured in the early 70′s. They do appear from time to time on ebay.  One note; in a recent ebay auction, a lot of 12 went for over $75 apiece.

Please also keep in mind this is a 100% open-source project; This includes the enclosure which is produced by personal laser-cut factory, Ponoko. They offer other colored materials in addition to black.

Why do I make you go on a treasure hunt for the parts ? So I can concentrate on future design projects. Since the project is open source, I hope and encourage people to work on group buys, offer assembly services to non-DIY types, adapt and extend the firmware to suit your needs or other types of tubes. I encourage you to  use the cogwheel circuitworks google group for these sort of discussions.

Again, thanks everyone for their patience.


Construction Guide


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