B7971 x 8 Bill Of Materials

Good news. There is sufficient interest for me to order a run of B7971x4 display boards.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll.

The display boards are the only remaining item not available. The Chinese supplier promises a 7 day turnaround, but plan for about 2 weeks before I have a them in the store. They will be black silkscreen with white lettering to match the driver board.

Here is the full Bill of Materials to build the B7971x8 display with pricing. The price for the enclosure is higher than originally anticipated. Again, I will be supplying only the assembled driver boards and the bare display boards. The rest you must purchase directly from the other (4) suppliers. Also note that with a little homework most of these parts can be obtained for much lower cost than are offered by DigiKey or Mouser. Many of you will probably have them laying around.

6 DK SJ5303 Bumpon Hemisphere .44x .20 Clear 6.19
10 DK 1902DK-ND STANDOFF HEX .750″L 4-40THR NYL 8.30
20 DK H546-ND SCREW MACH PHIL 4-40X1/2 NYLON 9.10
4 MO 561-D4125 Mounting Hardware STD FLAT WASHER 0.40
2 DK WM8169-ND CONN HEADER 34POS .100″ R/A TIN 7.36
1 DK S5531-ND CONN FEMALE 34POS DL .1″ R/A TIN 3.17
136 MO 575-031700 Socket pins for large tubes 39.44
1 PO B7971x8case cogwheel b7971x8 case 90.00
6 TWR LXK015 Hex Nuts 4-40 (8) 0.85
6 TWR LXJ976 Socket Head Cap Screws 4-40×1-1/2″ (4) 2.58
1 CW IN17x7 Nixie Driver Board. Assembled 129.00
2 CW B7971x4 4x B7971 Bare Board 30.00
1 CW IN17x7 BT Nixie Driver Board – BluetoothOption 39.00
DK www.digikey.com
MO www.mouser.com
PO www.ponoko.com
CW www.cogwheelcircuitworks.com
TWR www.towerhobbies.com

In other news, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the firmware to support the B7971s. The first release of the code is feature complete and I am just shaking out the last few bugs. I will try to get some pictures out. Also, I hooked up a camera at my workbench so people can catch glimpses of the B7971 firmware development in progress.


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