Bluetooth-enabled B7971s

Here is my Nixie Driver board successfully running 4 B7971s. This is exactly the same board which comprises my 17×7 clock, sans the on-board IN17x7s.

Two of these these B7971x4 boards can be daisy chained so you can have an 8 tube display.

In addition, this driver board is populated with a bluetooth module which will allow you place this large-tube display appropriately distanced from where you sit; You’ll then be able to stream whatever information you’d like to it.

The Bluetooth module is the Roving Networks RN-41; It is a soup-to-nuts Bluetooth UART.

There are still a few things that need to be done before I can make all the pieces publicly available. I will definitely be selling the driver boards assembled and tested. The B7971 boards will initially be available via

It wont’ be long !

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