Neon Dot-matrix Display Board

I have not seen any other all-neon dot matrix displays made up of NE-2 bulbs, so this might be a first;  Here is a display board made up of 128 NE-2 neon bulbs arranged in a 8×16 matrix. My original motivation for it was for use as a test jig while testing the driver boards; Not even the B7971x8 display exercises *all* possible driver lines (B7971s only have 15 elements). It can also serve as a general purpose dot-matrix display.  Multiple units could be ganged to form arbitrarily large arrays (you would need one driver board for each 8×16 board you see here). I also had a black acrylic bezel custom made at ponoko.

Currently I have no plans to produce this board however, at some point I may release the Eagle CAD files once the design is cleaned up. If someone is real interested in this board, feel free to contact me.

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