New Driver Board Source Doc Now Available

I’ve completed the documentation updates for the new revision B hardware. Briefly, changes from the Rev A board include:

  • The Real-Time Clock that used to be made up of the Maxim DS1302 real-time clock and Maxim DS32khz battery-backed, temperature compensated crystal oscillator has been replaced with a single-chip Maxim DS3232 which which combines the functionality of the two and provides even more accurate time-keeping.
  • An N-channel MOSFET capable of driving 1.7A has been added to drive LEDs. Positions for 8 LEDs underneath the on-board IN17 tube sockets are provided
  • Serial Data arriving from the Bluetooth module is logically ORd with the USB Serial data before it is sent to the the ATMega microcontroller, allowing the board to be controlled simultaneously from either source.
  • Several minor changes to layout.

Please visit /projects/nixie-system/nixie-driver-board/nixie-driver-board-rev-b/ for the full info. You will find a link to all the CAD files at the bottom of the page.



  • ¬†Updated to support the new real-time clock hardware
  • Source code for the two different firmware releases for the IN17 and B7971 versions have been merged back. Now one source code tree will build firmware for all 4 versions (IN17x7 RevA/RevB, B7971 RevA/RevB). This will make things much more sensible when the source code is made available.
  • Added command to control the backlight LEDS.


  • I will be rolling out a new Zencart-based store which will allow me to maintain more accurate control of inventory
  • Items that have been sold out will be available for sale in the store hopefully within the next week. Thanks for your patience.

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