Nixie Shield ready and validated for production


Part of the procedure of preparing any new board revision for production is to hand-stuff one article. This is not only the best way of making sure no stupid mistakes were made, but also to make sure the list of parts you want your assembler to stuff is perfectly correct. This is also the time to follow one’s own assembly notes that will be shipped with the kit and to make sure there are no errors or omissions. Schematic, BOM, Assembly diagrams must match perfectly.

I assembled this article with an air-powered paste dispenser which is the method my assembler will use. I made sure part polarities are noted and unambiguous. I verified that the silk-screen gave adequate guidance and no misguidance.

In the end, I am happy to report there were no glaring issues. This latest batch of boards from pcbcart are high-quality. Masking vias is a good thing.

I just sent a board out to Laen which will act as a pogo-pin based test jig.

Also checked out the code. Verified it will compile with the Arduino 1.x tool chains.

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