Support for B7971s

The question I got the most when I kicked off this site was: “When are you going to support B7971s ?”. Rest assured, this is the next variant I will be working on; Above is the prototype; I have a series of B7971 boards; A 2 tube version, 3 tube version and 4 tube version.¬† Shown above are one 3 tube board and one 4 tube board daisy-chained together, being driven by an earlier prototype of my driver board.

What remains to be done is to re-verify the B7971 boards work with the production version of my driver board. In addition, I also need to re-validate the Bluetooth option works so the whole system can operate untethered except for power.

The first instance of the B7971 system will consist of my driver board, assembled and tested, along with instructions on how to get your own B7971 boards fabricated on This should satisfy early adopters while I work on an enclosure. I also need to do a little work on the code to support segmented tubes. I’ll then be working on an enclosure. I’d like the enclosure to be modular such that the same parts can support a 4 tube system or an 8 tube system. If I see that interest in the B7971s is what it seems to be, then I will begin¬† stocking the B7971 boards myself. Eventually, there might be a finished system with everything but the tubes.

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