The Cogwheel Nixie System Family

Here are all theĀ  display boards that are all currently under development. From top to bottom, we have the 4 tube B7971. which can be daisy chained with a second to form an 8 tube B7971 display. I have this board back and am just waiting on socket pins to arrive. Also, the enclosure design is done and am waiting for the first articles to arrive from ponoko.

The second from the top is an 8 tube IN18 board. Waiting for the PCB to come back from batchpcb. No enclosure yet.

Next is a 6 tube board which will take either IN12s or 8422s. Also waiting to get this back from batchpcb

Finally, we have a 128 bulb NE-2 display. Waiting on board and enclosure. Steampunk dot-clock anyone ?

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